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Purim Party Ideas

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Ideas purim party Purim Costumes

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Ideas purim party Purim Costumes

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19 Hilarious and Simple Party Games for Adults

Purim Costume Ideas for a Fun Time

Learn how easy it is to make the costumes.

  • These idea boards provide loads of inspiration…you will absolutely love how everything comes together! For costumes, all you need are brown polo shirts and.

  • A Reigning King For those less nimble on the sewing machine or who just want to make their child an interesting king costume, this quick and easy craft is the perfect solution.

Purim Party Decor

Include an apple on the side.

  • On the Go In the spirit of having people eat real food, give out something everyone wants to eat; some cut up veggies and hummus.

  • We also opted to round out the corners of our pillow case using scissors and hot glue.

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